Once upon a time a kid was told the first rule in life is to follow her dream no matter how big the dream is. But, the first rule in life is to take a step towards making your dreams a reality.

That kid was me and owning a cosmetics brand was my one and only dream. My whole life I've spent countless hours watching YouTube videos on how to apply makeup, I remember my reaction every time when I'd see the transformation makeup could do. Years and years of practice, I have realised how much i love everything about makeup. The application, techniques, hacks etc. Little did I know that i would end up being great at it.

Since I was a teenager, I've always dreamt of owning my own cosmetics brand but I would always back out whenever I thought of it thinking I would never stand a chance with all the competition around me. I finally took a step to turn my dreams into reality but I wasn't the only one who turned it into reality. You did.

Taking my first step into this industry was a hard mission to accomplish. However, I pulled through and accomplished. I have invested my life into this and to make sure that I bring you the best quality mink lashes. 

The problem we face with lashes is when we first put them on they feel great, they build the confidence but when time passes throughout the day they start to get heavier and uncomfortable on the eyes and make you regret wearing lashes. I've made sure that you don't ever face that problem with Lori Lash, with Lori Lash you don't invest in lashes, you invest in comfortability.

Our mink lashes are guaranteed by our customers to be the lightest lashes you could ever try. Everyone would want to own a pair of lashes not just for looks but also to feel comfortable in.

Thank you so much for your trust in me and Lori Lash, it really means the world.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.

Much love,

Founder of Lori Lash x